Chico is an explosive performer with electrifying energy and unparalleled talent. Chico dominants the stage. With a brilliant stage persona, Chico surpasses the expectations of any venue or event.   He triumphantly allures audiences while engaging participation. Masses are elevated and momentously entertained.

Chico’s compilation of hit songs, are internationally famed. His music is tantalizing and appeals to diverse audiences while retaining the authentic dancehall sound.

Booking Chico is lucratively advantageous. Chico draws crowds from near and far, young and old.  Chico’s fans are devotees’ to him and his music. He is always prompt.

His conduct is the utmost professional. In addition Chico is fortified with a support team which adheres to all aspects of his career including a promotion and marketing of his performances and appearances. Upon booking Chico,  the occasion(s) will be promoted utilizing both conventional  and guerrilla  marketing practices.Chico is an artiste phenomena, soaring to stardom!