Eazy Wayne

Eazy Wayne was born and raised with strong voice in St. Elizabeth Jamaica.

After school Eazy Wayne completed his knowledge in electrial installation and was ready to fulfill his dream to work with music and his powerful voice! Eazy Wayne took like BOOM his place in the reggae world, local and international

With Concious and lovers lyrics he took also the attention of other reggae artists and worked together with greaat artists like Turbulence, lutan Fyah, Admiral Tibel, Crystal Axe and many more./ His first single, Girl Care Yu Body on the Collie Fat Label was released 1993. He has also worked on labels such as “Xterminator” Street Acustic” and others.

With his album “Judgement Fi Dem” he toured in Europe and USA, Italy, Germany, Austria, England and Caribbean with PURE ENERGY!