Excel Black

Lebert Excel aka Excel Black was born on July 19,1975 in Warsup Trelawny ,Jamaica.

He attended the Warsup All-Age and Christiana High school Lebert sang the popular songs of the day when called upon to sing at class concerts. It was during this time Lebert realized he had a special love for music and began honing his talent.

He then moved to Kingston, the music capital of Jamaica, in the early 90’s to be closer to the music. In Kingston, Lebert visited many recording studios; among them being Black Scorpio, Music Works, Roof Top, Mixing Lab, Arrows, Jammy’s and Tuff Gong, where he did auditions for various producers.

Around 1994 Lebert got the chance to record his first song entitled ” Raise The Dead” produced by Leonard Griffiths on the Rose Royce label and distributed by Sonic Sound Records. Also in 1994 he got the break to do his first big stage show, gracing the stage alongside seasoned artist , Pinchers, at Glendon Court Play House in Old Harbour, St. Catherine . From there Lebert began to make steady rise in the music business doing more recordings and stage shows.

In 1995 and 1996 he was among the artists featured at Bob Marley’s “Birthday Bash” stage show in Nine Miles, St Ann… lined up artists included Ziggy Marley, Yami Bolo and Jimmy Riley.In 2000 he joined with the Mult-I Productions to record “Oh My Commanding Wife”, Mama Earth” and more. Later in 2002 he link up with Vikings Productions to produce tracks such as “Faith In You”, “Rocky Road”. “Vanity Love” and an album entitle Give Some Love which was released in France.

Lebert’s rise in the music business saw him going on a number of tours in the twin island of Trinidad and Tobago with Admiral Tibet, Courtney Melody, Chuck Fenda and many other artist. Later in that year he successfully toured Barbados with Courtney Melody and Uriel Banton and in 2005 he toured Grenda with Jah Mason, Pinchers, Mickeylous and Mickey Fabelous Presently, Lebert is working with HowWow Records and Productions who has released his new mini CD Album. Listed on this album is “Money Mi Grudge Yuh” which is creating waves across Jamaica, The Caribbean, Africa and Europe. Other songs on the album or “Keep On Praying” done in collaboration with Black Dillinger from South Africa, “Don’t Want To Be Your Man ” Box Of Chocolate feat: Trillindion , “Oh Baby” and “Out In The Streets”. A catch phase of Excel Black is “Music ah music” and with that he claims the cultural heritage of the music with the pronouncement, “music ah fi mi culture”. Quoting Bob Marley, he says; “when di music hit yuh, yuh feel no pain, so hit mi with music, hit mi with music”.

Peace and love and blessing to all of Jah people…………….Floyd’s music is heavily influenced by Jazz, Reggae, Dancehall and Dub. In 2010, Floyd recorded a single, entitled “Corruption”, for a label by Jamaican producer Shane Brown. In 2006, Floyd’s debut album was released, also called Corruption.The single was responsible for his early popularity within Jamaica, followed by “Burning You Babylon” and “These Days”. In January 2011, he released the music video for “Run Come”, directed by Jamaican film director Mykal Cushnie.In December 2010, Floyd performed at Sting, marking a turning point in his career. Floyd is now a regular performer at Jamnesia, alongside other popular acts such as Protoje, Blu Grass, Raging Fire, and No-Maddz, a group who appeared in a Puma advertisement.