Jah Defender

Ricardo Mills aka Jah Defender is a Trinidadian born Reggae Artist. Many regard his music as positive, conscious, and uplifting. His soothing voice and comforting lyrics have made him a well-liked and admired artist on the rise.

The conscious element of Rastafari through Reggae music attracted Ricardo to this genre. Music is an avenue to teach ‘truths and rights’, heritage, and culture, all of which is skillfully delivered through Jah Defender. His lyrical vibration encompasses depth and soul to remind the people of their treasured tradition. Embracing the teachings of Rastafari has allowed him to stay humble and trod with faith and courage, becoming the voice of many.

While Jah Defender remains an independent artist, he has allied with independent record labels: IsRoyal Records (Canada), Backyard Studios (Trinidad) and 7 Seals Records (France). It was Herbie Dan (Productions Manager) of 7 Seals Records who teamed up with Jah Defender for the creation of his debut album “Rastaman Rise” which was released July 2013. As the title states – this rootsy album has been well received by reggae fans worldwide, even being nominated by Reggae France for “best new roots album”, alongside likes such as Chronixx, Sizzla, Kabaka Pyramid and Jr. Kelly to name a few, with songs like “Jah is alive”, “Blackman Rise”, “Lonely” and “Only King Selassie I” it remains a favourite amongst the grassroots.It is clear Jah Defender is adamant in keeping the message of Rastafari true, which is why loyal reggae fans continue to keep this album alive.  …….

Dennis Anthony Lawrence.AkA. TonyD Clutheye was born in Spanish Town . At an early age TonyD Clutcheye discovered a great love for music and, inspired by the likes of Stitchie decided that the entertainment industry would be his career path. Tony D Clutcheye started out deejaying on local sound system King Sonic, aspiring to capture the rapid fire delivery of his idols. He would have continued along this path if not for a revelation he experienced after hearing dancehall singer Wayne Wonder on the radio. Toasting dreams were instantly replaced by the need to create melodies, to ride octaves, to traverse the scales, to produce a joyous and moving vibe that would take listeners to another place. With this new purpose in mind, TonyD Clutcheye spent a great deal of time studying the vocal styling of various established singers, mimicking at first, then eventually crafting his own unique approach.

TonyD Clutcheye made his debut performance on a stage show at Clarendon’s Capri Theatre in 1991. A fellow performer would later become a major influence on the young artiste’s career. The artiste was “ Kirk” Davis and he served as a mentor to Tony D, Clutcheye teaching him the ins and outs of the business as well as giving him the opportunity to open shows for the Shocking Vibes Crew.