Jah Rain

Umar Rajaee Plummer a.k.a. Jah Rain comes as a blessing and this is manifested through his gift of talents as a Recording Artiste, Composer, Writer, Producer and also to be known as a man of great wisdom.

“Jah Rain” is attempting to establish his place in the world of music through his journey of realizing his true spiritual self which has created a much deeper and stronger desire to share and promote his positive messages through his music and quotes that always stands out with a profound and prolific meaning to his each and every representation.

Jah Rain describes his music as an enlightenment towards the truth of waking up the souls, minds, energies and uplifting of the audience. He always trying to reach out to everyone by displaying his positive vibes to the world.

Jah Rain has done several live shows with his band “Iyah Vybz Kreation Band” (I.V.K), and also several Radio, Television Interviews, Reviews in Magazines and Blogs, Jah Rain also plays a vital and very important role in the Just For Peace foundation as the “Assistant Public Relations Officer” and also the main judge for the “Just For Peace Talent Contest”.