Things and times change, and the voice of dance hall is about to undergo another major evolution…. Stephon Goss stage named Kananga, is a vibrant sound of the underground scene about to burst into the spot light.

Born and raised in the Parish of Manchester and grew up in St. Mary, Kananga’s vibe was sparked under the early influence of Cutty Ranks and Shabba Ranks, Pioneering kings of the Hardcore Dancehall sound of the 90’s. At age 19, his passion and perseverance paid off with his first single, “Crazy Love” On the local label, Natural Mystic.

After Two (2) years of beating the pavement and building his signature sound, he joined the shocking vibes Crew where he further honed his skills under the talented Silver Cat and the internationally renowned Beenie Man. In the summer of 2000 he was introduce to Free Willy Records Label, after a solid recommendation from Beenie Man. Since joining the Free Willy Family he has recorded numerous amounts of underground hits; such as “Suffer Through The Years”, “Red Hot”, Stay Alive”.

He also has done collaboration with artistes such as Beenie Man, Lucan I and Zahire. He is currently working with Turf music, Stainless Records, SMS production and Touch Dung Unit Records. There is a number of new track circulating such as, “Thank You feat. Gott Yo produce by Busy Signal” “Call Me Name” “Take My Hand” “Congo Bongo” “Rasta Roll” “All Because of You” “Don’t Let Them Fool You ft. Tubulence, “Kananga Care” ft. Natural Black, “Touch Mi Turban”, “Hot Over Back” just to name a few. Kananga still putting some hard work in France, Germany, US, Canada and all over the Caribbean. Now Kananga has added to his name Turf Bobbo. …….