Dancehall artist sensation Eric Simpson, professionally known as Sentenal, is an extraordinarily gifted solo deejay, singjay artist and songwriter. Sentenal, being artistically brilliant, maintains the authenticity of the hard-core dancehall sound while appealing to international audiences. Through his potent music,  Sentenal’s mission is to deliver enjoyment and freedom to all nations.

Multi-talented both in studio and on stage, Sentenal’s performances are infallible with high energy and alluring musical craftsmanship. Audiences are utterly entertainment wanting more. In respect to artist achievements, Sentenal has been awarded on various occasions.  In 2009 Sentenal was a member of a group consisting of himself, Medallion, and Gangster Wasp. Durning his membership with this group, Sentenal was select Magnum King of The Magnum King and Queen of the Dancehall Competition and much more.

Equipped with a his own promotional team and a solid fan base, Sentenal is ready to embark on the international touring circuit in quest of becoming an International superstar.