Shana S

Shana Simpson aka ” Shana S” was born on the east side of the island of Jamaica, in the modest town of Port Antonio, Portland. She is the eldest child for both her parents and is the no nonsense type of female who grow up as a “tom boy” that is always welcome to hangout with the guys but has a sarcastic side to her that kept all her friends laughing at any given moment.While in high school Shana became interested in music and art and she would take advantage of her alone time by heading to the beach to meditate, draw and write songs.

As the years went by music prevailed as her first love, but Shana didn’t take music seriously until she migrated to the united states and later meeting Wayne Walker, an artist manager who saw her talent and encouraged her to take music lessons while he showcased her talent locally every chance he got.

In 2003 she recorded her first official song “Nah Back Down” on the “Top Speed Riddim” under the name “Sexy S” produced by recording artist “Demarco” on his “Star Kutt” recording label.
Since then “Shana S” has collaborated with numerous music producers and is invested in independently building her musical career as a recording artist, songwriter, producer and director of her music videos as well. She has also made (Shana S Music LLC) official and has begun releasing singles from her independent label.
Shana Simpson aka Shana S, has been writing songs that hits close to home for many that can relate to a realistic life style. Her catalog of songs is far from functionary and is sure to resonate with her fellow Jamaicans, lovers of Reggae and Dance hall music on a whole.